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Narcotic Detection Dogs – Hire

A dog’s sense of smell is thousands of times stronger than a human’s, which is why dogs are used for a variety of security checks, one of which is Narcotics Detection.

A narcotics detection K9 has been specially trained to identify and respond to specific compounds, such as illicit substances. They are an important tool for law enforcement, but have you ever wondered how they are trained?

All of our handlers have received positive reinforcement and operant conditioning training from Hunde Training Spezialist – Germany. A Commando Narcotics Detection K9 is trained using positive reinforcement techniques. A Commando Narcotics Detection K9 is not trained to signal for a reward; instead, finding traces of a drug is the reward. The possibility of misleading signals from a detecting K9 is eliminated with this training procedure.

Our K9 and handler teams make no physical contact with the individuals they are screening. If a person has narcotics on them, the dog will sit in front of them, allowing a security officer or police officer to search for them.

As a leading K9 training facility, we always have well-trained K9 dogs for sale/ hire. The key to keeping a drug-free environment is Commando Narcotics Detection K9s. Contact us to know more.


As an owner of a big factory there were security concerns. There was always a risk of forced entry in our premises, while I had a team of security guards there was not a single night where I could sleep peacefully. I heard a lot about Commando Kennels patrolling dogs and wanted to hire them for my factory's security. I had a word with Mr Philip Butt who assured me that the patrolling dogs will deter any sight breaching. And I'm very much satisfied with the services provided by Commando Kennels.