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Explosive Detection Dogs – Hire

Trained Bomb Detection Dogs- Detecting Weapons for Safety

To learn how dogs can detect explosives, you’ll need to know a little about canine olfaction biology. Dogs have huge noses 40 times larger than ours and around 50 times the number of scent receptors. 33% of a dog’s brain processes smell, compared to only 5% in ours. Dogs have a secondary organ called the vomeronasal that helps them smell. For mating reasons, this secondary olfactory system detects pheromone molecules.

Explosives have been one of the most often used weapons in terrorist attacks during the last 20 years. Unfortunately, attacks involving explosives frequently cause extensive damage and numerous casualties. However, Commando Kennels K9s provide a deterrence to this risk.

Our trained bomb detection dogs service can shield you and those you care about from people who want to harm you, whether you’re enhancing airport security procedures or a school safety plan. Commando Kennels K9s have extensive expertise in stadiums, conference centres, airports, and concerts.

Explosive detection dogs also called bomb dogs or bomb-sniffing dogs, are trained to find a wide range of explosive items close to building exteriors, remote locations, security checkpoints, vehicles, packages, and pedestrians. Teams of explosive detection dogs serve as a powerful physical and psychological deterrent to threats from criminals and terrorists.

At Commando Kennels, we have teams of highly skilled explosive detection dogs. They have been trained by our seasoned handlers.

Each canine and handler team searches for various explosive substances close to building exteriors, remote locations, security checkpoints, vehicles, shipments, and pedestrians in and around designated facilities.

Hiring Trained Explosive Detection Dogs

Our trained explosive detection dogs are deployed to identify the presence of explosives. This can be accomplished by a properly trained canine and handler team alerting the presence of an odour that the dog has been trained to detect in the operational area where they have been trained to work.

Trained explosive detection dog teams can provide a flexible, and real-time search and detection capability that can help in a wide range of missions. They are typically used to assist in the search for multiple buildings, places, cars, or bulk deliveries. Still, they

also have the potential for screening individuals in crowded places and other high-traffic regions. Firearms and a range of other contraband, such as drugs, can be detected by our explosive detection dogs.

Explosive Dog Hiring- Hire Sniffers for Accurate Bomb Detection

Dog training for explosive detection at Commando Kennels are done using the most up-to-date worldwide training procedures. These rapid and energetic sniffers are great for vehicle checkpoints, parking lot searches, luggage checks, route clarifications, and building inspections, since they can clear a car in 45 seconds.

Our bomb detection dogs are trained to sniff out cars, bikes, HGVs., LGVs, and indoor premises of hotels, airports, storage containers, baggage. Commando Kennels trained explosive detection dogs can detect bombs even in air, and sea. From Search K9s to rescue, we also train a range of detection dogs, including explosive detection dogs and scent detection dogs.

Dog Training for Explosive Detection at Best-in Class Training Centre

Explosive dog hiring is on the rise, especially in government security agencies. These well-trained canines ensure your area is safe from high-explosive items. Our effective dog training for explosive detection program is designed with an unrivalled training philosophy. It focuses on the creation of single-purpose, single-handler teams that are specifically trained in explosive odour detection.

Regularly exposing working dogs to live explosive scents is essential to keep them in top condition. By investing in these local facilities, Commando Kennels is demonstrating its dedication to provide the best teams in the private sector.

Our highly effective dog training for explosive detection program is continually assessed to ensure that it upholds the highest performance and industry distinction standards. Before being released into the field, our dog/handler teams get top-notch training and are given ongoing training throughout their employment. Do call us now for expert explosive canines

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