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Arson Detection K9 Training- Assisting Investigators to Find Reasons behind the Incident

“A dog’s sense of smell overpowers a human’s own by orders of magnitude, it’s up to 100,00 times acute” – James Walker, Former Director of the Sensory Research Institute, Florida.

An analogy to vision is that if you can see and identify something from 500 metres away, a dog can do the same from 5000 kilometres away.

It is the responsibility of fire investigators and forensic engineers to identify the source and cause of a fire when they are called to the scene of an event. Investigators may suspect arson and wrongdoing, but it is very difficult to confirm their suspicions and even more difficult to pinpoint the spot where traces of accelerants used (if any) can be found.

Our arson detection K9s have received specialised training. They are one of the most effective companions available to forensic professionals examining the scene of a fire. Fire investigators use a systematic approach to comprehend the science behind an incident.

At Commando Kennels, our arson training experts ensure the fur pets exceed your expectations. We follow the unique training concept requiring the handler and dog team to undergo every step of training and proceed to the higher standards. Each and every dog we train under arson detection K9s, will fiercely protect their handlers in the event of an assault, whether on command or not.

Highest Level of Training for Accelerant Detection Dogs

Accelerant detection canines are taught to find the scent of combustible materials that are frequently used as accelerants in arson investigations, such as gasoline, diesel fuel, lamp oil, paint thinner, and kerosene. To enable exact sample collection from unburned fuel remnants and subsequent shipment of those samples to a lab for examination, the dog will detect and direct fire investigators to those remnants. Dogs are capable of detecting very little fire starters. They are significantly more adept than humans at detecting accelerant leftovers at fire sites.

Accelerant detection K9s are used to detect the presence of accelerants at accident scenes. Your best solution to such situations is a highly trained accelerant detection dog, which will expedite the investigation and identify the offender.

When hiring an accelerant detection dog, it’s like bringing the lab into the crime scene. An entire facility may be quickly swept by a dog, which can also pinpoint the exact locations that need samples. Most of the time the dog is right, so there is less room for error. In fact, sometimes results from traditional lab tests can be negative, but because the dog detected something, extra testing is done, and accelerants might be found.

Our trained suspect identification k9s can find accelerants, locate areas of interest and eliminate human error for less than the price of three sample tests.

When training accelerant detection dogs, immense attention is required, and the training starts early. Our dogs that are pre-qualified are raised in a comfortable and working environment. To find the presence of ignitable liquids, fire detecting dogs are trained. They are instructed to alert investigators when an odour is detected.

Our Arson Detection k9s dogs learn to:

Fire Detection Dogs- Let Your Canine be a Hero to Alert Smoke

Our special breed of fire detection dogs help their handlers to identify potential smoke and investigate whether the fire was started deliberately. Our fire dogs have assisted the fire investigation team in providing a better level of precision and improving the conviction rate against persons who intentionally cause fires. They use their keen sense of smell, which is more accurate than technologies created to detect ignitable substances.

The amount of time needed to examine a fire scene has decreased because of how quickly they can sniff out ignitable materials. The fire investigation team can concentrate on additional sources of ignition if nothing is discovered.

Let Our Trained Suspect Identification K9s Help you Catch Hold the Criminal

Commando Kennels train arson detection K9s wherein once given the command, the canines begin the search by smelling the scene for the odour of an accelerant. If the K9s detect any accelerant, they alert their handler by sitting near the spot. This process saves a lot of energy, time and efforts and helps you save cost when compared to the traditional method i.e., lab testing. Our canines are trained meticulously using positive reinforcement and low stress handling techniques.

Besides, our trained suspect identification K9s help investigators hold criminals using the best possible way.

Hire Professional Arson Detection K9s for your Investigation

Using professionally trained arson detection k9s as a forensic helper improves an investigator’s ability to determine or rule out arson as the cause. Fire scene and arson investigations are always dependent on physical evidence. When compared to other investigative tools, the level of efficiency and accuracy is unmatched. Additionally, utilising a dog to identify suspect areas and reduce the number of samples is needed for the expensive laboratory procedures.

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