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Commando Kennels (P) Ltd. is widely considered THE LEADER in dog training in India. Their dogs have been winning in obedience & agility trials all over the country. We are the first and only organization to give a Schutzhund (German protection dog sport) demonstration in India in 1996. Our fully equipped training farm with over 120 dogs is considered to be one of the best facilities in the country.

To date over 200 people have learnt dog training and passed out as dog trainers and handlers from Commando Kennels. Many of them now run their own training kennels in different parts of the country; while the others are working as dog training professionals in some of the leading industrial houses in India. With over 200 employees, Commando Kennels is the leader in dog security services in India.


Our Management Team

Mr. M. P. Butt
MD, Commando Kennels,
[B.E, Member DVS (1967) SV (1997)]

Mr M. P. Butt is an obedience judge for the Kennel Club of India and the managing director of Commando Kennels, India’s premier dog training and trainers’ training institute.

He owns more than 300 dogs, many of them in different industries. House training, Schutzhund (IPO), flyball, agility, tracking, attack work, heelwalk to music, French ring, and mondio ring sport are all provided at his training farm in Hyderabad.

Over 350 trainers from all over India have benefitted from the training and grooming courses conducted by Commando Kennels.

An authority on dog training, Mr.Butt has made many obedience champions some of which have become dual champions! He can be reached on md@commandokennels.net.in.

Mr. Butt is also the founder member of the prestigious Hyderabad Canine Club. Through this club, he has been able to promote dog sports and dog training in Hyderabad.

In 1995, Mr. Butt’s dog won India’s first agility dog trial. His dog, Sansburg Yambo was the only dual champion with a 1st best in show standing in 1997. In 2007, his dog – San Craintes Bee Thon scored a perfect 300/300 in the toughest Level-C obedience competition.

To date Mr. Butt has trained over 15 dogs to C6 level and made over 10 obedience champions and 4 dual champions.

As a Mechanical Engineer, Mr. Butt, worked in Germany for 17 years and was the first Indian member of the DVS in 1967. In Germany, he was greatly impressed and influenced with the level of professionalism and dedication in dog breeding and training. The concept of Schutzhund in particular left a deep impression on him. As a hobby he learnt all the aspects of dog training during his stay in Germany.

On returning to India under deputation from the German government, he served as a workshop superintendent at the prestigious YMCA Institute of Engineering at Faridabad and later, as a consultant for Escorts Faridabad.

He established Commando Kennels in 1986 – pioneers in professional dog training in India. Mr. Butt takes pride in the fact that he has made dog training into an industry. His penchant for inclusive growth in the dog training field is also displayed in the fact that he runs training courses for people to learn dog training at his farm. This is perhaps what gives him the greatest satisfaction.

The strife for excellence continues with Mr. Butt, he is actively involved in training and keeps preparing dogs for competitions.

Philip Butt CEO, Commando Kennels

Philip Butt is a passionate canine professional with over 23 years of dog training experience. He is a Dog Trainer, Writer, Human Trainer, CEO and Hon. Secretary of The Hyderabad Canine Club. K9 consultant to the government of Telangana, he has trained over 1000 dog trainers and handlers from across India.

As a Chief Trainer, he has trained over 1000 dog trainers and handlers from across India and he is also a K9 consultant for the Telangana government.

He is the Chief Indian faculty for training through operant conditioning, positive reinforcement and advanced techniques in association with Hunde Training Spezialist – Germany.

We are strong believers in the train-the-trainers philosophy.

Philip Butt is a distinguished canine professional with a deep-rooted connection to the dog training world, a journey that began in his childhood within a family of dog lovers. His foray into dog training saw early success, notably in the Kennel Club of India (KCI) obedience shows since 1995, right up to 2022 when his Golden Retriever secured an obedience championship title. He has since then been titled as an Obedience Judge for the KCI and has been judging multiple obedience shows across the country.

Renowned for introducing several pioneering practices in India, Philip demonstrated Schutzhund Protection in 1997, Heel Walk to Music in 2001, and led the training and demonstration of a Flyball team and French Ring Sport in 2001 and 2002. His expertise also includes being the first to introduce Mondio Ring in 2017, along with training dogs in Agility sports since 2001.

Commando Kennels, under Philip’s stewardship, has trained over 1000 dog trainers and handlers, and more than 15000 dogs in various disciplines, including obedience, protection, and detection. A lifelong learner, Philip has continuously enhanced his skills and knowledge, attending various courses in the United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, Malaysia, and China. These programs covered a wide spectrum, from Advanced Obedience and Positive Reinforcement to IPO, Detection, Grooming, and Animal Behaviour.

In his role as the Honorary Secretary of the Hyderabad Canine Club, Philip has been pivotal in elevating the club’s stature nationally. He is a strong advocate of positive training methods in India and conducts courses in association with Hunde Training Spezialist from Germany.

His international qualifications are extensive, encompassing hundreds of hours of training and practical experience in a diverse array of canine skills. At Commando Kennels, he has hosted numerous international workshops and seminars, featuring world-renowned experts in K9 detection and training.

Philip’s philosophy at Commando Kennels focuses on ‘training the trainers,’ embodying his belief in the importance of ongoing learning and the adoption of the latest canine training techniques and welfare practices. He is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and expertise not only through his training programs and seminars but also through his written work, including “The Proven Path to a Happier Dog.” This book and his various contributions to the field of dog training illustrate his commitment to enhancing the understanding and practice of canine training in India and beyond.

Our Team

We are strong believers in philosophy of train the trainers.

Our Team of experts is well-experienced and certified in Positive Dog Training and operant conditioning by Hunde Training Spezialist – Germany. We use science-based training to teach our K9s all behaviours through positive reinforcement.

Over the years, we have upgraded our skills and built a world class team of achievers.