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Make your Dog Learn Good Behaviour under Professional Dog Training Service in Hyderabad

You most awaited honeymoon period filled with cute, cuddly sweetness follows the arrival of any new pet into the home. But somewhere between the chewed-up footwear and the carpet-stained mishaps, a harsh reality sets in: Owning pets can be downright frustrating.
Thankfully, with the right training your pet can be the perfect canine citizen.
Without proper training, your dog will develop serious behavioural issues that could endanger the life of your dog, your family, other people, or other animals, as well as cause owner discomfort and frustration.
When it comes to training your dog, you need a professional who can handle Behavioural issues. Commando Kennels, a professional dog training service in Hyderabad does the job without the use of force, fear, or correction. Post training, your furry will have a understanding about adopting the environment and showing a good behaviour.

Why do you need Professional Dog Training in Hyderabad?

Dog owners hire professionals to train their dogs for a variety of reasons. Most frequently, it’s because they are having a problem with their behaviour. The optimum time to begin training is right after you bring your new puppy home, so please don’t wait till then. It will be much easier on you and less stressful for them if you teach them early away what is and isn’t appropriate.

The first step in making your dog more socially acceptable and friendly with other dogs is to train them. At Commando Kennels, we make certain

that your dog is housed at the top dog training centre so that he or she can develop into a great and loving companion.

While all dogs can benefit from training, some require it more immediately than others. You should sign up your dog for obedience training in Hyderabad as soon as you notice any changes in their behaviour. These changes could be fear, boredom, or any combination of the two.

Post training, you will witness a positive change in your dog, and increase in the overall confidence. Obedience training will help your dog learn to adapt to their environment. This is important to avoid any inconvenience to other dogs or people around.

Commando Kennels is the creator of the trademark BeModPlus, which is a Positive Behaviour Modification System.

It is a testimony to our proficiency that we not only implement the most up-to-date modern dog training in Hyderabad, but we also teach dog trainers, dog handlers, veterinarians, and pet parents in India and worldwide.

Get Access to Professional Trainers at Dog Training Institute in Hyderabad

Commando Kennels gives you access to highly experienced professional trainers who use proven methods of training. The focus is on training your pet and enjoy your lives together. All training is tailored to both your and your dog’s individual personalities.

Commando Kennels is a unique training center in Hyderabad offering limitless, unconditional love and care for your furry angels. It is tucked away in a lush paradise close to Kompally. Allow your adorable tiny pets to enjoy the opulent comforts and rural quiet of the ideal nature retreat.

Different Methods Adopted by our Dog Training Center in Hyderabad

Conducting Short Training Sessions

We are firm believers in training dogs in multiple short interactive sessions in which the dog actively participates in the learning process. We begin training puppies as soon as they arrive at our kennel, usually when they are around 14 weeks old, using positive reinforcement-based methods. We prefer to keep training sessions short—just 5 to 10 minutes—and to always wrap them up with encouragement.

Training in a Group

The presence of other dogs (and people) is one very visible way that group classes differ from solo lessons. In group sessions the dog learns when and how to ignore other dogs while focussing on his training. At the same time, they also learn how to play and interact with other dogs. Using Premack’s principle, our expert dog trainers use the presence of other dogs to motivate their dog students to be better at everything they learn.

Just like play time in school, the group classes are great fun for all the dog participants and yet another reason they look forward to their training sessions.

Basic Obedience Training

A training program at the dog training centre in Hyderabad teaches your dog the basic cues or directives needed for proper behaviour, such as stay, sit, come, go, etc.; minor behavioural issues like chewing, barking, jumping, mouthing, and others, are covered in this training segment. The training portion will be brief with different activities to prevent dogs from becoming bored.

Guard Training

Usually, dogs are naturally born guards; their barking is sufficient to alert their owner to anything unexpected, and the caution they establish is a hindrance. In guard training, trainers at Commando Kennels teach your dog to bark when a stranger enters your home, letting you know that someone has entered. However, only hyperactive dogs, except others, can receive this training.
Get in Touch with our Dog Training Institute in Hyderabad Today!
We believe that the best dog trainer is the pet parent. At Commando Kennels, we can equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to teach your dog to be a well-behaved canine citizen. We conduct dog training sessions for both pet parents and dog trainers. Reach out to us if you want to take the next step towards responsible pet parenting and learn the skills needed to be the awesome pet mommy/daddy for all the pets you will ever own!


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