Arson Detection

Accelerant-sniffing Dogs or Arson Detection Dogs are rapidly proving themselves to be a valuable asset to the arson investigator. Arson Detection Dogs are being used more each year by arson investigators as well as private companies who do investigations for insurance companies. The use of an arson dog helps pinpoint the location of accelerants and reduces the number of samples that need to be collected and tested, thus saving time and money. Each dog is capable of discriminating scents of a variety of substances used to start fires.


An office or hostel or institution employing young staff. Pubs or discotheques attracting young crowds.


Drug abuse. Only the naive would believe there is no drug abuse in their premises full of young “dynamic” staff. The consequences are poor productivity by few staff and the possibility the habit spreading among many more employees. Pubs and discos are constantly faced with the problem of a few bad elements creating problems for your regular patrons.


Commando Sniffer dogs. Our narcotic detection dogs are trained to detect small quantities of different narcotics hidden on a person. Drugs hidden in furniture or bags is also easily detected.

C-KISS Videos

Heel onleash inspite of distractions
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off leash on sit stay - group exercise
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