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Commando training is the most versatile and complete training for anyone who wants to learn dog training. Our courses are split into three modules- Theory, Demonstration and practical. This is done with the view to give the trainee hands on experience in training dogs and how to encounter various situations and problems in dog training.

You are taught German method and Commando method of training. Get ready to become a master trainer in just 6 weeks. During the course of training you do not train just one dog, we ensure you train various dogs with varied temperaments so that you are equipped to train any dog irrespective of breed, size, sex, age or temperament.

Over 60 trainees all over India are enjoying the benefits of training dogs using our scientific and latest training methods.


When dealing with fear aggression, direct aggression, and just basic obedience training, I recommend Commando Kennels. With their knowledge and guidance, dog owners learn to understand the importance of proper training and to ensure their animals do not become a threat to society.

Oscar Silveira

I have been fortunate to know Philip Butt over fifteen years as I undergone training with them at Commando Kennel. Philip has been a great asset to the community in his chosen profession. He has always gone the extra mile to educate himself for the benefit of dogs and their owners. It has been a wonderful journey watching his skills grow and equally as important admiring his huge heart and all he has done for animals on so many levels.


Cochin Kerala

Commando Kennels Training is one the best dog trainers and behaviorists with whom I’ve had the pleasure to be trained. Their knowledge, understanding, and intuition of dog behavior are phenomenal, and I trust their opinions without reservation. Their common sense approach to dealing with difficult issues such as aggression is a humane balance which I have yet to see another dog trainer use. Indeed they are an asset to the community when it comes to helping people with their dogs, and I am grateful to Commando Kennels and to the work they does.



Commando Kennels provides invaluable advice, ongoing support and encouragement.


Bhavnagar GUJ
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Heel onleash inspite of distractions
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off leash on sit stay - group exercise
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