Suspect Identification

In a situation where a theft has taken place in an office or factory premises, a trained suspect identification dog proves to be a huge asset to pick out the culprit from a group of suspects. No prolonged procedures, no unwarranted delays, no unnecessary publicity. We provide professional and confidential services. A trained SI dog does not need any finger prints or trail to identify the culprit. Just an article held long enough by the culprit to transfer his scent onto it. When you are left clueless in the event of a theft, trust our dogs to solve the case for you.


Any residential or office area.


A missing item. Something missing from your site. Thief leaves a clue or Touches/Holds something long enough for his scent to transmit to the object.


Commando suspect identification dogs. The dog will be able to identify the suspect with ease. When no finger prints are available, and you are left clueless what to do. Contact our dog squad to do the needful.

C-KISS Videos

Heel onleash inspite of distractions
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off leash on sit stay - group exercise
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