Mob Control

In today's volatile environment, it does not take too much effort to instigate people to attack a premises on any pretext. Tackling mobs is a nightmare for security agencies. Too little force makes the operation ineffective, on the other hand too much force in form of gunfire would lead to complication later. This is where our trained mob control dogs and handlers prove their effectiveness. Specially trained for multiple attacks and to surround and tame groups of people. The team is trained on the dynamics and psychology of a mob to provide you an effective and viable option when faced with the possibilities of such a situation. If and when your organisation faces an unrest, you will be grateful for the mob control dogs deployed to keep you and your property safe.


Any organisation - private or government.


Anti social elements provoking a crowd and creating a mob to attack your Building/Site.


Commando mob control dogs. Trained to encircle a crowd and conduct multiple attacks, the mob control dog provides the best solution for organisations facing any kind of unrest.

C-KISS Videos

Heel onleash inspite of distractions
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off leash on sit stay - group exercise
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