First to introduce Schutzhund in India

Schutzhund is a German dog sport in which all the attributes (Obedience, Protection and Tracking) of the dog are put to test. A dog with a schutzhund title is considered to be a complete dog in every aspect. One of the most popular dog sports, we introduced this sport in India in 1998 at the HyCan show at Hyderabad. Many an enthralling demonstrations followed since then all over the country. We are respected & widely regarded as India’s leading authority on Schutzhund training. So good that at the world famous Seiger show, the German judge Mr Reinhardt Meyer said, “I never expected such a good demonstration of Schutzhund in India”. Schutzhund is not yet recognised as a competition in India. We strongly believe that schutzhund is THE solution to improve the overall quality of dogs in India.

First to introduce Fly Ball in India

We introduced this sport in 2001 after a tremendous effort to get prepared 8 dogs all at the same time. The first show was a huge success and ever since it has been a great crowd puller wherever we demonstrate it.Flyball is a fast and exciting sport for the dog, handler and the spectator; it’s a team sport in which two teams of four dogs each compete with each other to finish the race fastest.

Winner of Agility competitions all over India.

We demonstrated Agility for the first time in 1995, a small beginning that heralded the early stages of dog sport demonstration. It has diversified into one of the biggest attractions at the HyCan show at Hyderabad.

Our agility dogs have won many competitions all over the country & in 2002 there were over 20 participants at the HyCan show. We won ‘SUMAN TROPHY’ for the best agility dog & been winning it for the last 6 years.

First ever dancing dog of India

Heel walk to Music/Freestyle/Dancing dog... call it what you may, but it is definitely the most captivating demonstration of a trained dog. This sport was introduced in 2001 & was an enormous success. It has remained so with each passing year allied with a growth that has expanded.

So popular has the sport been, that we have demonstrated it at schools, Old people’s homes, for the mentally handicapped and orphanages.

Whether the song be ‘La bamba’ or ‘Munda kamaal hai’ or ‘You are my Sonia’, the dancing dog performs to the beat and keeps the whole audience captivated.

First to Introduce French Ring Sport

Schutzhund dog show was demonstrated for 4 years on the trot, we still do so. But felt that we need to demonstrate other dog shows. As such, we decided to introduce French ring sport for the first time in India in 2002; a sport that is on the same principals of Schutzhund, but with a difference, that is, the rules are different.

The show was a success, a full body attack by our GSD - Einstien had every one standing up in admiration of the fearless attack. But the piece de resistance was the property protection by our all time star - STRIKER. Attacking the culprit when he comes near the object and leaving him as soon as he leaves the area - left everyone spell bound.

First to introduce bomb detection (civil) using ‘Bringsel stick’

Violence has acquired new dimension with each passing day, bombs, explosives, narcotics, etc growing more sophisticated & refined. Detecting them even more so, To detect them, our canines have worked wonderfully well since detection has been the domain for many years.

However, the method to indicate a ‘find’ has always been disputed. Barking or scratching the surface can cause the bomb to explode, while going ‘down’ at the spot is not a very clear indication. This is where our method of indicating with the ‘Bringsel stick’ is not only a very novel idea but also very practical.

First to demonstrate mob control dogs in the country

In 2001 we demonstrated mob control dogs for the first time in India. It was a huge success & experience.

It was a fascinating experience to watch how 3 trained dogs keep a Mob of over 50 people in complete control & when some tried to run away, the dogs arrested them in spite of the gunfire. Today, mob control dogs are an integral part of many of our dog squads spread out across the country.

Trained over 2,000 dogs

We train dogs & maintain a superb track record in the same. Over the years, our progress has been remarkable & reaffirms our dedication and sincerity of our efforts.

To date, we have trained over 2,000 dogs at our fully equipped training farm, numbers growing with each passing day. It reflects people’s approval of our training methods to train their dogs.

Commandos at Crufts :

The Commando team were pleased to be at the World's greatest dog show - CRUFTS.

Visiting such a huge show and interacting with international breeders and trainers was a home coming for our Directors.


Commandos Badhsah scored 300 on 300 at the HyCan’07 dog show in December 2008. A rare achievement and yet another proud moment for our director , who painstakingly trained the dog to perfection.

Dual Champion

Keeping the tradition of producing dual champions, Commando Kennels is proud to present its latest dual champion - Commandos Joppa.

A jack russel terrier, Joppa completed his breed title in his first few outings. Thereafter he was caught up in the world of glamour playing an important character in the hit telugu movie - GODAVARI.

Early in 2008, Joppa won his third obedience CC at the prestigious Calcutta dog show. Another feather in the cap of commando kennels

UK qualification for our CEO

Mr.Philip Butt successfully completed a course in “arms and explosive search dog training and mehtods” at the UK centre of Corporate Search Limited.

Mr.Philip also learnt techniques in positive reinforcement training at the Waltham centre of pet Nutrition - UK.

Mr.Philip has been activel involved in organiseing many HyCan shows and also the first ever - Dog sports show by HyCan in October 2008.

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